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As a researcher with background in nutritional science, I am fascinated by the role our gut plays in keeping us healthy,  and in the multiple aspects of how nutrition and nutrition-induced phenotypes can influence our physiology.

During my PhD and PostDoc period I investigated how the intestinal mucosa provides homeostatic mechanisms in order to maintain gut health. Antigen presenting cells such as dendritic cells (DCs) constantly sample and process dietary and microbial antigens and can be regarded as major directors of subsequent modulation of immune response. My focus was on the role of DC subsets and their interplay with other cell types in steady state and under inflammatory conditions such as during Celiac Disease. Inflammatory conditions such as IBD, psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis are driven by overlapping mechanisms. Thus, advancing our understanding of these principal mechanisms will enable us to promote our knowledge of the causes of various diseases, and help us to find therapeutic strategies.

During this time I got kind of attached to one of the main techniques immunologists are using: Flow Cytometry. I am now supporting and educating scientists in theory and practice, thereby often debunking myths in the field of Flow Cytometry, and making every effort to support researchers doing good and reproducible science.



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