Another research blog?

Another research blog?

Research blogs have become popular. Very popular.
The probably most popular site, IFLScience (‘I f*** love science’) has 21 Million Likes on Facebook and 172.000 followers on twitter. What a scope!

These pages on my blog are not meant to focus on ‘engaging and thought-provoking science’, as IFLScience puts it. Instead, they are meant to provide some enlightenment. A little guidance in all the daily “scientific” background noise. And who should be able to provide such guidance if not the people who know stuff? It must be us researchers.

I want to update interested followers, whether with or without scientific background, on what is going on in my field. And I might as well add my scientific but likely subjective view on it.
And finally, I would like to use these pages to try to make my family and friends understand what I actually work with…

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